Music Videos

In 2016, I was offered a job by Meter Bridge to animate a music video.  Since then I have completed several music video projects for bands across Canada.

Each video has been coordinated with client feedback to ensure the story, style and quality mesh with the band’s tone and message.  I value the quality of every project and do my best to deliver a fresh and exciting take every time.

The goal of my work is to find the best way I can showcase the client’s vision and surprise their audience with a range of unexpected detail, emotion and imagination.

Bella Cat

Jesse Stasiuk recently did a video for me and I was absolutely mind blown by the results ! Not only did he make a great video but he put in the time and effort to create the most perfect story line. His work ethic is un-real, the product was 100% worth it and the cost was more than fair for the value ! Jesse listened to my ideas and when I spoke from the heart he picked up on things no ordinary human would normally be able to do and he turned it into a remarkable piece of art ! Thank youuu Jesse for being so amazing ! - Bella Cat

I offer animation, illustration, motion graphics,  and design work.